About Paperish® Printables


We offer printable PDF patterns of paper crafts and small gift boxes for you to download, print and enjoy.

Based in Melbourne Australia, Paperish Printables was born out of the desire to inspire children and adults to create, using a material versatile and readily available – paper.

We believe the best and long lasting memories are made in the process of creating, far more than the immediate purchase of ready made products.

We also have our blog paperishblog where we share free printables of coloring pages, paper crafts and party items for you to enjoy.

Wishing you a fun filled day, wherever you may be!


What our customers say about us

"We had so much fun with the printable set. My big girl who is craft obsessed spent hours cutting and folding all the well thought out little pieces. Such a fun paper craft for the big & little kids. We’ll definitely be back for more" ★★★★★

"We were looking for ideas to entertain the children during the holidays and came across your printables. They were a hit!" ★★★★

"We took the paper craft set on our travels. It defnitely made it fun and easier flying with young children. They were only entertained for a little while with the screen so the printables came in so handy" ★★★★★